Monday January 30, 2017

February 4th In House Fitness Festivities 

9 am-3pm

9 am: first wave of athletes doing the Iron Mile*

Important to note that you can start the Iron Mile at the top of any hour between 9 am and 3 pm

(Everyone is welcome to do the Iron Mile.)

*Iron Mile as a workout is typically 275/185 yoke carry for a mile. For Saturday; the Iron Mile is more of an idea. Pick up something, whatever you can; for 1 mile. You can put down whatever that thing is whenever you need to rest. Before picking up the yoke, Barbell, sandbag etc again; perform 3 burpees.

10 am

Regular class. 

1130 begin weightlifting competition. 

Informal, and fun learning experience for any of you wanting to see what a weightlifting meet is like. No singlets required.

12 pm

Begin potluck.

12-3 pm

Support your friends as they weightlift or Iron Mile. Eat food. Hang out. Or get talked into participating in some fitness festivities.



Wod: 12 min cap 

Power clean 165/115




Monday, January 30th, 2017 at 4:39 am / WODS