Palm Trees, Blood, Sweat, and an Ocean Swim…

This past weekend, IRON MILE’s Ben Alderman teamed up with Blair Morrison & Gabe Subry as Team PRGNX Has-Beens to take on the Mens Elite Division at the 2015 Wodapalooza in Miami FL. The division was absolutely stacked with Games Athletes including Ben Smith, Marcus Hendren, Graham Holmberg, Neal Maddox & many more.

Friday started with an endurance event, 50 CAL Air dyne as fast as you can. Into a 5K Run + Obstacle course. The guys did really well, placing 8th.




Later that evening, was a classic Crossfit event, 21-15-9 Chest to Bar, Handstand Push Up & Squat Snatch. Knowing Ben has had a shoulder injury, the event wasn’t necessarily in the teams favor. But with some good ole fashion hard work, the guys finished strong. Ending the day in 7th overall.


The Sun was out, the weather was perfect. And Day 2 started with a couple sprint work outs. 100m Shuttle Run + Double Unders, immediately into a Toes 2 Bar / Walking Lunge + Row. The stragedy was simple, go fast in the shuttle. Put Ben on the rower, and let Gabe & Blair tackle the Toes to Bar & Lunge. They were fast in the sprint, 4th in that event. But the Walking Lunge claimed it’s victims, giving the team a 14th. Dropping them overall to 7th. Going into the swim.





A highlight to Wodapalooza is the Swim. The event is right on the bay of Downtown Miami. So open water swim, is easy to add into the massive program! Now Ben is not known for his elegance in the water, but you wouldn’t know that after their performance. Blair & Gabe were one of the top 5 people in the water, and the 2nd out of the water. Helping them with their best event performance of the weekend – 3RD in the Swim Event!




And now for the heavy weights… A Complex Ladder, ending with 315 LBS. With this being the runaway event for the Has-Beens, it was deceiving, not doing the best. Ending 14th. This dropped the team to 7th Overall after day 2.




The final day, same electric atmosphere, same beautiful weather. Determined “has-beens” to finish the competition strong. First event of the day, was a Burpee Box Jump + 100# Dumbbell Split Snatch.



Last event, probably one of the most exciting and dreded events of the weekend. The Chipper… Pistols, Cleans, Muscle Ups, Rope Climbs, with a lot of static holds. This event required communication, team work, and a plan. Unlike other teams, the Has-Beens approached a 3 Rep Cycle, most were going to failure. This may of seemed slow, but it kept them fresh enough through the event, to finish 4th in the final event. A Strong Finish to the weekend.





With a stacked division, the Has-Beens finished strong in 8th place. A big shout out to Progenex for sending and treating the guys so well! And thanks to Phill Mamula for taking so many awesome photos.

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