Open 15.1, done and we’re #IRONMILESTRONG!

The entire Crossfit Iron Mile family, registered or not, stepped up to the plate this past weekend to absolutely demolish 15.1 & 15.1A. The OPEN is a fun time of year, where competitive people get obsessive about leader boards, and others simply surprise themselves, by recognizing how far they’ve come in the past year of Crossfit.

The Iron Mile Family was no exception to that. We had several people hit PRs in the Clean & Jerks (15.1A) and several of our top athletes are sitting in the top 100 in Northern CA. Here’s a look at some of our athletes crushing 15.1, and a recap of the leader board standouts!

Amber making short work of the Toes To Bars. Currently 69th in Northern California!

Devin’s 8 pack helped him make short work of the Toes to bar. Currently 66th in Northern California.

After PRing her Clean & Jerk, Mariah sits in 58th on the Northern California Leader Board.

With an impressive 345 LB Clean & Jerk on Friday. Ben ended up using his second attempt score, which gave him more reps in the Metcon. This put him in 4th Place in Northern California!


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at 6:58 pm / Events, News