Iron October 2 – Presented by Progenex & Iron Mile

This past Saturday was nothing short of amazing. 120 Talented Athletes came and took part in a 3 (later announced 4) scored events, that lead to an action packed competitive competition. Going into the finals of both Mens & Womens Divisions, 4 Points separated 1st from 4th.

Community was strong this Saturday! Expecting Rain, gyms from all over Northern California shared warm up tents and equipment. Even though athletes were competing against each other, you could tell it was more than the a race to the podium. But that didn’t slow anyone down…

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In Event 1, Ruben Perez threw around over 300# in the Ground to Overhead + Front Squat Complex. Crossfit Anywhere’s Hannah took the strongest women’s spot, with a 240# complex!


In an unknown twist of scoring, Event 2 would be broken into two separate events. Where the Plate Run would count as a full event. Every athlete rose to the challenge, and set some incredible running times. Blair Morrison & Tie Dye Nation was just warming up to the start of their 1st place finishes.


Event 3 was a wild ride, a familiar Crossfit style event, incredible Kettle bell Swings, Box Jumps & Hang Cleans. Crossfit Davis’ Kirsten Pedri & Kaitlyn Kassis, handled the Womens RX division in spectacular fashion. Finishing nearly a minute ahead of second place, and taking 1st in the Plate Run.


The last event of the day, started out with everyone’s favorites Wall Balls. 2 5minute EMOMs set the tone for one of the fastest events of the day, a full out sprint to the Finals. it was CF American River edging out Blair and his Tye Dye by 1 extra rep to finish First in Event 4. It was Crossfit Anywhere’s Glamazons who took first by 2 reps in the Womens Division… Making it into the finals.


The Finals of Iron October 2, showcased some amazing athletes. We had 4 Crossfit Games Regional Competitors, an NPGL Athlete, and a National Ranked Weightlifter. To say the competition was stiff, is an understatement. But in spectacular fashion, it was Blair Morrison & Robert Gray to stand atop of the Mens Podium, and Kirsten Pedri & Kaitlyn Kassis from CF Davis to be the top Womens team!


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