Warm up

Same as yesterday

A) 21-15-9

Strict HSPU

Front Squat 225/155

BF Burpee

*add a mat to make this easier if your sets are smaller than 7. 14 min cap.

B) 4 rounds

Run 400 m

Sled push 50 yards

20 push Press 95/65

Rest 3 min

Use whatever weight scares you a little and doesn’t allow you to crush the run. Feel free to adjust the weight up or down. Max length on the round should be 5 min.

C) class metcon(last priority)


4×8-12 single leg bridge ups

4×40′ banded side walks

4×20 hip ext with alternating twist at the top

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 at 5:07 am / Competitive