Monday January 6, 2019

Today is the start of prep week. We are prepping for the Iron Mile Nutrition and Lifestyle Recharge; a month long challenge designed to make you better.


Skill/strength work:

3-4 sets of 8 tempo push press

*tempo goal is to press the bar overhead like normal, hold at lockout briefly to ensure full lockout and then a controlled 2-3 sec decent


3 min on/3 min off x 4 rounds

40/30 cal row

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Friday January 3, 2020


Strength: 12 min circuit*

10 kipping ring swings

10 step back lunges

10 hip ext or glute bridges

* increase intensity each round by adding weight and speed when possible. Don’t  rush from

20 min AMRAP

12 unbroken kB swings 53/35

10 unbroken pushups

8 unbroken ttb

Thursday January 2, 2020

IM60/5, 6, 9 am and 3, 4, 5, 6 pm

Skill/strength: Pull-up Strength

10 minutes

2, 4, 6, 8, 10…

Strict pull-up or jump to negative pull-up

10 banded pull aparts

10 sec chin up hold

Rest as needed to perform pull-ups with quality

Workout: 17  min cap

35 overhead squats 115/75

15 Che…

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New Years Day 2020

Open Gym: warm up however 

Back Squat: 2 every 2 minutes for 20 minutes

Start at 135/95 and build up each minute until top set is reached. Then hold for remainder of the 20 minute clock.

After Back Squats spend 10-15 minutes doing muscle ups/bar muscle ups/chest to bar or some other gymnastics movement

11 am: Class



If you attend 30 days of IM classes UNBROKEN(M-F) you get a free case of FitAID. Must start on January 1st and end February 11th.

Final workout of 2019

IM60 at 5, 6, 9am and 3 pm classes

Skill/Strength: build to a heavy sumo deadlift then 12 more reps at 80%


12 min AMRAP

120 double unders or 150 single unders

60 alternating DB snatch 50/35

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