Friday November 22, 2019

Join us Friday for this ultimate end to a really different week. Two versions of the workout exist; individual and partner


Skill/strength: :30 work/:30 rest x 10 minutes

Assault Bike and Row.

Alternate between bike and row each minute.

Partner Workout: 5 rounds

5 Burpee pull-ups

5 Burpee Chest to bar

5 Burpee Bar MU

25 db power cleans 50’s/35’s

Run 200 m together…

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Thursday November 21, 2019

So maybe you dodged yesterday’s snatch workout… that’s okay! Today offers a new challenge with some great movements designed to improve body composition, increase your capacity, and burn calories!


Partner Workout: 5 rounds

5 sumo deadlift high pulls 155/105

5 hang power cleans 155/105

5 hang squat cleans 155/105

25 box step ups 53/35

Run 200m together

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Wednesday November 20, 2019

Don’t forget optional/additional strength cycle programming available on Monday’s post!


Skill/Strength: :30 work/:30 rest x 10 minutes

Floor press and Underhand Barbell row.

Alternate between floor pressing and barbell rows each minute. Different loading may be used.

Partner workout: 5 rounds

5 power snatch 135/95

5 full snatch 135/95

5 overhead squat…

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Tuesday November 19, 2019


Skill/Strength: :20 work/:40 rest x 10 min

Barbell cycling power clean and push jerk

Alternate between power clean cycling and push jerk cycling each minute. Different loading may be used.

Partner Workout: 5 rounds

5 push press 185/125

5 push jerks 185/125

5 split jerks 185/125

25 ghd sit-ups, 25 ttb, or 25 v-ups

Run 200 m …

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Monday November 18, 2019

PSA: EXCITING TIMES! Programming week of November 18th, 2019

This week each workout will be a partner workouts BUT that can be easily switched to a individual version by making it an AMRAP instead of a FOR TIME workout.

Also if you are looking to start the new strength cycle both workouts are listed at the bottom of the page. They can be done any day of the week in place of, or alongside, class workouts.


Skill :40 work/:20 rest x 10 min

Alternate between over your partner burpees and plan…

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