Wednesday June 5, 2019



Strict Pull Up


between sets add in some banded/hip circle side walking

(for you American Ninja Warriors out there… Try weighted pull-ups by holding a dumbbell between your feet or using a band around the waist and through a kettlebell)

Workout: Girls go as written/guys reverse order

40/30 cal Bike

40 toes to bar

40 box jump overs 24/20

40 Power Snatch 75/55



12 Min Emom

Min 1: 12/9 cal row

Min 2: 8 db clusters

Min 3: 10 V-ups+10 Russian Twists

Rest 12:00-15:00


9 min emom

Min 1: Run 200 m

Min 2: :40 wall sit

Min 3:…

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Tuesday June 4, 2019



Freak Super Set!


15 Arnold presses 

20 sumo deadlift high pulls 70/53

25 ab mat sit ups

Rest 1-3 minutes between sets to go heavy on Arnold Presses


14 minutes

Each minute:

8 hand release burpees

2 jumping lunges*

*each minute add 2 jumping lunges until you are no longer able to complete the work in under 1 minute. If you make it through the 8  minutes your score is 8. If you’re unable to make it to the round of 14 rest for a minute and then repeat your last successful roun…

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Monday June 3, 2019


Strength work:

Back Squat

find a 1 rep max or to do 4 sets of 10


Run 800 m

Then 4 rounds

21 Power Cleans 115/75

12 Front Squats 115/75


Thursday May 30, 2019

Part I: Underhand Barbell Row
Find a heavy 3 for the day

Part II: Conditioning WOD
3 rounds x 1 min each Station
-Staggared Stance Deadlift 50/35’s
-Push Jerks 50/35’s
-Single Arm DB Plank Row 50/35
-Weighted Burpees 50/35’s

3 rounds x 1 min each Station
-Staggared Stance Deadlift
-Push Jerks
-Single Arm DB Plank Row

1 Minute Pigeon right side
2 min lizard right side
1 minute Pigeon Left Side
2 min lizard left side
2 min Sumo Squat
1 minute standing straddle
2 minute puppy dog

Wednesday May 29, 2019

Part I: Strength/Core Work
2 single arm KB Cleans+2 Jerks+
2+ Snatches
Focus on smooth movements,
keeping even balance, and staying
connected to the floor. Rest as needed
and add two more reps or add weight
each set.

Part II: Partner WOD
Row 1k
Bike 2 miles
100 box step overs 50/35’s at 24/20
Bike 2 miles
Row 1k

*Minute on minute off back and forth
until workout is completed. Ideally using
a single rower, bike and pair of


4 rounds

1 min ROW

1 min rest

4 rounds

1 min BIKE

1 min rest

4 min

1 min box step over

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