Wednesday June 12, 2019

4×12 each arm Alt DB Bench switching
at the top

20 min AMRAP-
20 Single DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35) switch at 10
20 DB step ups (24/20)
20 toes to bar
20/16 cal row or bike

Every 4 mins for 20 mins
20 plate g2oh
16 pushups
200m run
max v-ups

Tuesday June 11, 2019

So many great opportunities to get in some fitness today. Try taking a different class if you can!

10 mins of dubs practice or
10 min EMOM 30-70 dubs

WOD: 15 Min Cap
21 burpees
21 pullups
200m run
15 burpees
15 chest to bars
200m run
9 burpees
9 BMUs
200m run

18 min EMOM
1) 10 burpees
2) 15 ring rows
3) 20 russian twists

3 supersets each leg:
10 single leg deadlifts
10 bulgarian split squats
5 pistols

Build to a heavy:
Power Snatch
3 OH Squats
Squat Snatch

5 Rounds:
5 heavy push press
:30 L-Hol…

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Monday June 10, 2019

Last week to get signed up for the kids camp! Send your email to


3 rounds of
12 Glute Bridges :02up/:02down
12 Hang P. Snatch (115/75)

WOD: 16 min AMRAP
Squat Snatch (135/95)
SDHP (135/95)

Friday June 7, 2019

Goals change but one thing that stays the same; hard work pays off. So, no matter your goal, Friday is a chance for you to put in work. Maybe every bit of momentum is in the wrong direction. So what? Just start… You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great.


30 min AMRAP

Teams of 4

Run 200m

Deficit Deadlifts 225/155

DB Thrusters 50/35s

40′ Bear Crawl

Teams will accumulate reps of Deficit Deads, Thrusters and Bear Crawl Lengths and rotate relay style after the runner returns from the 200m.


Thursday June 6, 2019

A great break in the heat! Come do a fun partner style workout or get a great sweat session in at IM30! Also, get your kids signed up!


Skill: Narrow Grip Bench Press

4 sets of 8

Partner Workout: 18 min AMRAP 

Row 1000 m

80 wallballs 20/14

60 handstand push-ups 

40 synchro plate ground to ovhd


15 min AMRAP 

15 empty bar back squats 

15 box jumps 

15 cal row<…

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