Wednesday January 22, 2020


Part A

10 minutes

2, 4, 6…

Strict pull up

10 kip swings or butterfly pull-ups

10 double db rows

Part B.


Every 5 minutes for 20 minutes

20 devil presses 50/35*

20 handstand push ups**

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Tuesday January 21, 2020


Part A.

12 minutes

partition the following anyway

50 ghd sit ups

50 hollow rocks

50 ab mat sit ups

*stretch with any remaining time.

Part B.

For time.

1200 m Run

5 rounds

15 kettlebell squats …

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Monday January 20, 2020


Part A: Back Squat

4 reps every 3 minutes x 15 minutes

3 minutes is a lot of time. Load bars accordingly

Part B.

18 minutes/partition reps as needed*

90 bar facing burpees

60 deadlifts 225/155

30 ring muscle ups

*every 3 minutes including start 30 double unders or scaled do 50 singles

Friday January 17, 2020


Part A. Review and practice Ring PU/Dip/MU

Part B.

With a partner


Switch back and forth every :30 accumulating as many reps of one of the following;

Ring Push-ups

Ring Dips

Ring Muscle Ups


Switch back and forth every :30 accumulating

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Special! $30 for 3 weeks at IM… and daily workout

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Skill: Alternating with a partner for 10 minutes

15/12 calories*

*non-rowing partner planks as long as possible while other partner rows. May use any variation of plank.

Workout: 15 min AMRAP*

20 db goblet squats 50/35

60 double unders(scaled …

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