Saturday November 16, 2019


4 rounds

1 min db snatches

1 min box jump overs

1 min jump rope




Cal ski

30 air squats


Cal row

20 kB swings 53/35


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Friday November 15, 2019

4 sets
15 weighted glute bridge ups
10 double kB deadlifts

Partner Workout:
20 min AMRAP*
100 cal bike
50 dumbbell power cleans 50’s/35’s
30 db thrusters 50’s/35’s

Thursday November 14, 2019


This workout is a strength based interval workout. It will increase your overall fitness and build strength! This workout will be available during EVERY class time along with the regularly scheduled class. SOOO, you can choose what workout you want to do.

Every :90 for 7 rounds

5 narrow grip bench press 185/115*

10 cal row

w/remaining time Amrap Alternating DB Snatch 50/35

*weight can be increased or decreased as long as 5 reps are performed unbro…

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Wednesday November 13, 2019


Skill: every 3 minutes x 12 minutes


10 underhand barbell row

15 kettlebell swings

Workout: 16 min AMRAP*

200 m run

15 plate pushups*

10 plate ground to overhead 45/35

*feet on 45/35 lb plate


15 min amrap

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Tuesday November 12, 2019

IM60 and IM30 will build you in different ways today. IM60 is programmed to make you strong and IM30 to make you sweat…

IMBuild will go to a deeper level of strength. IMRecovery could, and potentially should, be done by everyone who has time. Mobility work is a huge part of that program and helps keep us healthy and limber.



10×2 Back Squat

30 minutes(first 10:00 building. Next 20:00 a new set of 2 every 2 min. Try to use the same heavy weight each of the 10 sets but move up …

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