Thirsty Thursdays is Coming and the Wednesday Workout

Every Thursday during the month of June will be Thirsty Thursday. That means, if you come in and post your class workout result on SugarWOD, you get a free Fitaid of your choice! Just show the coach of the class you are at and you are good to go!

Wednesday Workout


Every :90 x 12 minutes
3 Push Jerks+1Split Jerks

Row 2000 m/Ski 1800 m
21 cleans
15 thrusters
Row 1000 m/Ski 900 m
15 cleans
12 thrusters
Row 500 m/Ski 450 m
9 cleans
9 thrusters

Time cap: 20 min cap

T1: modify weights and movements as needed
T2: 135/95
T3: unbroken thrusters




Assault has given us first right of refusal on all there new rowers as a thank you for storing them at the gym! The athletes have purchased some and there are still a handful left before NCC!

If you want one of the NEW ASSAULT ELITE ROWERS for $999, which is $200 off the retail price, Venmo IronMile-Alderman or text me, Coach Ben, at 530-908-7678

If you want one of our recently serviced Assault Bikes we have 5 more left. Venmo @IronMile-Alderman $550 or bring in cash and pick it up any time.

You are needed!

Lift. Move. Serve. Is that the prescribed order? Not really. At Iron Mile, we want to make sure that you are doing all of those things. Daily workouts include lifting and moving. Coaches press us to do more and be better. But what about Serve? How do we? When do we? Where can we serve?

A simple thing you can do is serve others by purchasing an Overcome Project Hoodie TODAY. All the proceeds will go to support at-risk youth in this area and help make a difference in their future.

Simply Venmo @TheOvercomeProject $50 and in the details include your size. They will be ready for pick-up in about 2 weeks. If you are from out of the area simply venmo $55 and include your address and we will ship it out to you.Read More

Perfection is Deadly.

Why the pursuit of perfection is stopping the process…

See the idea is to be the best version of yourself. So, it would seem to follow that the best version of you, and I, is the perfect one. The one who looks great, accomplishes everything that is endeavored, and who is always stress free and joyful. Other adjectives could be added to make the picture of perfect more clear in our minds but I think you get the point. Whatever your picture perfect idea of yourself is, that very picture, could be robbing you of joy and potentially halting all progress.

The very word progress is related to, and sounds like another word; process. Process is the series of actions that must take place in order for us to reach a certain …

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Today is NOT Rest Day

And I’ll tell you why…

But first let me tell you about Coach Devin. Coach Devin has been an integral member of our coaching crew and a vital part to our competitive group of athletes since 2014. At the 5 and 6 am classes he has brought a sense of humor and a keen eye to help make people more fit and more understanding of their own movement. Those of us that have seen him training in the gym have observed an athlete that is capable of putting on an incredible show of athleticism at any moment.

Even though all the above things are true(and actually a bit understated) the biggest thing about Devin is the fact that we see him as one of us. We see him as a friend and even a brother who we trust with a barbell and much m…

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