Thursday June 11, 2020

It has been so great to see so many faces that we haven’t seen in nearly 3 months this week. We look forward to more of you returning!

Please have all equipment returned by Friday.
Make sure to reserve a spot at your class:



Power Snatch

Touch and go triple every 2 min x 12 min

Workout: 18 min cap

1000 m row or 1.3 mile bike

75 push press wall balls 20…

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A. Class



Thruster 75/55

60’ hsw(30+30)

Rest 5 min



60’ hsw(30+30)

C. Ski 2k for time.

Cinco De Mayo 2020

Regular class times at the gym tomorrow. Solidify your spot by registering Here

Please review the video on the Iron Mile Family page for more info.

30:00 clock
13 mins to work up to a heavy power clean

2:00 to switch to wod weight

@ 15:00 ascending ladder

1 power clean
1 shoulder to oh
1 thruster
2 pc
2 sh2oh
2 thrust

T1: <or= 75/55
T2: 95/65
T3: 115/75

Friday April 17, 2020

Whether you workout in your living room in your upstairs apartment, garage, or some temporary outdoor space… get moving!

If working out at home is tough, get it out of the way early or set a specific time that is for you to workout.

No equipment

Every 3 min x 30 min

200m run

30 hollow rocks

Max air squats


Equipment Version

Every 3 min x 30 min

15/12 cal bike or 200 m run <…

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Sometimes we just flat out don’t enjoy change. That’s the way some of us are. But here is a great workout and a demo linked below to give you an idea on how to do it.

Two ways to join in the fun!

1) Download the zoom app and join one of the classes through the link below or Facebook Live

Zoom Workout at 10 am

2) Show up to the outdoor gym at Iron Mile Acres, 1740 E st. 95673. Workouts are hosted outdoors, social distance is respected, and equipment is sanitized regularly. Members of your own household may join you as a guest at no charge.

No equipment version

18 Cossacks(demo below)
12 HR pushups<…

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