Open 15.1, done and we’re #IRONMILESTRONG!

The entire Crossfit Iron Mile family, registered or not, stepped up to the plate this past weekend to absolutely demolish 15.1 & 15.1A. The OPEN is a fun time of year, where competitive people get obsessive about leader boards, and others simply surprise themselves, by recognizing how far they’ve come in the past year of Crossfit.

On Mondays, We Compete

It’s no surprise that Crossfit Iron Mile is a breeding ground for top level competitors and athletes. Now that the Crossfit Games season is upon us, Iron Mile has turned it’s Monday Afternoons to be the training ground for local athletes. This Past Monday, Crossfit Anywhere‘s Blair Morrison & Friends joined…

Palm Trees, Blood, Sweat, and an Ocean Swim…

This past weekend, IRON MILE’s Ben Alderman teamed up with Blair Morrison & Gabe Subry as Team PRGNX Has-Beens to take on the Mens Elite Division at the 2015 Wodapalooza in Miami FL. The division was absolutely stacked with Games Athletes including Ben Smith, Marcus Hendren, Graham Holmberg, Neal Maddox & many more.

Iron October 2 – Presented by Progenex & Iron Mile

This past Saturday was nothing short of amazing. 120 Talented Athletes came and took part in a 3 (later announced 4) scored events, that lead to an action packed competitive competition. Going into the finals of both Mens & Womens Divisions, 4 Points separated 1st from 4th.