Warm up: 5 rounds of nose breathing Cindy

A. 21-18-15

D-Ball over the shoulder 100/70


B. Class


Assault Bike 3 miles AFAP

*Rest 3 minutes


4 x .5 miles w/1 min breaks

D. Front Squats

Hang Squat Clean + Clean

-Work up to a heavy single on this and drop between lifts.


A. Class

B. 5-4-3-2-1

Legless Rope Climbs 15’ (Girls 3-2-1-1-1)

Squat Snatch 135/155/185/205/225

C. Snatch Double (drop in between) to max

D. 4 Sets for quality

6 High-ish Box Jumps

12 Glute Ham Raises



if you competed… try skipping the gym until Thursday. Let your body chill, and heal from the trauma of 3 days competing and really years of accruing a ton of aches and pains.

everyone else hit class.

Try this

for time

30 back squats 275/185*

*use a rack and do 5 box jumps at the top of every minute until complete.




Im only going to be programming M/T for competitors. To program Wednesday and give you a 1 day rest before a 3 day competition makes no sense to me. Obviously some of you will train anyway…

Warm up:

20 bar facing burpees

walk 1 min-ish

30 bar facing burpees

walk 1 min-ish

A. 2 back squats + 8 wallballs+4 chest to bar every :90 x 18 minutes (if competing on team; synchro the wb and  ctb portion)

B. Every 6 minutes x 4 rounds

200 m Air runner+40/30 cal bike

C. Class if you like. Not the skill.


warm up:

10 min light jog

A. 10 rounds

1 legless

4 db snatch 100/70

7 hspu


40 hollow ro…

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Week of 06172019

2 weeks out. Less volume. More intensity.

3 workouts geared towards making you better. Use them whenever you like throughout the week. This isn’t all you should do but a good start. Not listed is lifting/strength work. Strength work should be focused to sharpening technique. Weights can be heavy but lifts should not be sloppy.

1. 4×3 min AMRAP/2 min rest

20/15 cal bike+75 dubs+max muscle ups

2. 2 rounds

400 m air runner

800 m run

9 ub squat snatch 135/95

7 ub clusters 135/95

5 ub clean and jerks

3. 8 minutes*

4 minutes

max legless rope climbs

4 min max

box jump overs 30/24”

*At 0, 2, 4, and 6 min mark 60’ hsw…

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