Warm up:

3×500 m row+15 ring rows+5/5 kB windmills+5/5 single arm-same side overhead lunge

A. 7×2 power snatch(not touch n go)

B. 5×2 snatch grip push press

C. Class


Warm up:

3×2 min ski+10 push ups to downward dog+10 banded air squats

A. Class

B. 27-21-15-9

Cal row


C. 50 ghd sit-ups

100’ hsw

50 ttb

100’ hsw

Rest 5 min

30 ttb

100’ hsw

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Veterans Day

Big thanks to Mayhem for 99% of this

warm up: crossover symmetry ATYT protocol x 10

then 3 rounds: 50’ banded side walk+50’ banded forward walk+10 banded air squats+50 single unders

A. 25 strict hspu
5 strict pull up
20 strict hspu
10 strict pull up
15 strict hspu
15 strict pull up
10 strict hspu
20 strict pull up
5 strict hspu
25 strict pull up
*Strict HSPU are ideally done in 1-3 sets for most of the workout
*Try to push yourself on strict pull up and hold at least small sets of unbroken reps over going for quick singles

Time Cap: 15:00

Scale to the following to finish near the near or under time cap:
15 stric…

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Saturday November 9, 2019

Open gym (Saturday morning 9 am)

IM30 (Saturday morning 930)

A 30 minute class designed to make you move and sweat without the complexity of a heavy barbell or high skill gymnastics!

Every 3 min for 15 min

15 squats

Run 200 m or Bike 500m

15 kB swings

IM60 (Saturday morning 10 am)


Squat clean+Front Squat+JerkRead More


If you need some aerobic recovery try this…

Big picture if you want to crush the open workout, I’d time cap at 20:00

1000 m ski
10 double unders
800 m ski
20 dubs
600 m ski
30 dubs
400 m ski
40 dubs
200 m ski
50 dubs


Repeat with Rowing