warm up: for 5 minutes hold a steady pace and average 18+/14+ cal per minute

A. Hang power clean+Squat clean+Front Squat to max

then 3×2 at 80%

B. Class

C. 5 rounds

3 bar muscle ups+15 ghd sit-ups+50 double unders rest 1 min


warm up:

400 m row+30 squats 25 situps +20 wide grip push ups+15/10 strict pull-ups



1 minute on 1 minute off X 10 minutes

Run 200 m + max alt Db snatch 100/70

After 10 minutes right into:

5 rounds

Run 200 m +2/1 legless rope climb

Rest 1 minute 

24 minute cap on both pieces combined.

B. 2 rounds(1 barbell. Load and unload own weights)

5 squat cleans 185/125

4 squat cleans 205/135

3 squat cleans 225/155

2 squat cleans 245/165

1 squat clean 265/175

C. IM60

D. Weakness work… unless A-C dealt with weaknesses. Then do nothing else.


This is just good fitness… but if you are competing in any capacity in June you should definitely hit this.

Keep in mind contrast training. That is to say, the further you are from competition the less like the competition your training looks. This is good for both injury prevention, mental strength, and peak performance. But now we are getting close so time to get after it.

warm up:

run 1200 m

3 wall walks(slow and controlled)


A. 40 minutes

0-11 minutes

3 Mile Assault bike + max legless rope climbs

11-25 minutes

3k row + max alt Db Snatch 100/70***

25-40 minutes

3 mile assault bike+max sets of 5 deadlifts 365/245

B.  IM6…

Read More






warm up: 3x

15 cal bike

10 toes to rings

5 hspu


A. 8 minute clock

80 cal row+40 hspu+max sets of 5 front squats 165/115

rest 4 minutes

8 minute clock

80 cal row+40 ttb+max sets of 3 deadlifts at 365/245*

*use caution here. The goal is to grind but ALWAYS move well.

B. Class