Warm up1 mile run+1k row

A) 10 min emom

4 box jumps 40/30 or higher

B) 10 min emom(right after box jump one)

1 legless+1 rope climb(no jumping)

Recover the remainder of minute doing shuttle runs. Two rope climbs can take no longer than :16/:20 on any round. If they do scale so they don’t.

C) 5×5 back squat

D) For time: 

150 squats 75 hip extensions 120 squats 60 hip extensions 90 squats 45 hip extensions

E) class. Can be done at anytime.


warm up: 3000 m row

10 strict pullups+10 planche push-ups+10 reverse hypers X 2

A) snatch balance+OHS+snatch balance+2 ohs

Build to heaviest possible

B) 2 rounds

25 pullups+25 GHD

2 rounds

20 ctb+20 GHD 

1 round 

15 bar mu+15 GHD 

C) class


Fit class in somewhere. Before or after no matter. Even in the middle. If you have an injury or need to modify something do it.

Warm Up

1 mile assault bike+400 m run x 1

Row 250+15 Wallballs 30/20 x 4

A) 20 min EMOM

1 clean or 1 snatch

Go up as you feel necessary.

You know the drill… Get as heavy 

as you can as fast as you can for

as long as you can.

B) 5×10 Strict hspu+10 strict ring 

pullups+10 barbell rows 155/105

C) 30 toes to bar+30′ HSW+
30 thrusters 45/35 x 3 rounds


Friday:30 on :30 off X 5 of each

Bear crawl

BF burpee

Assault bike 3 miles


A) 3 front squats + 3 jerks X 7

First set at Bodyweight/75%bw. Work up from there.

B) 2 rounds… Rest 5 min between each.

9 BF burpees+12 power snatches 115+15 thrusters+18 cal assault bike

C) 3 rounds 50 cal row+40 box jump overs+30 KB deads 70×2/53×2+20 wallballs+10 muscle ups


MondayWarm Up

Row 5 minutes

Every :30 rotate through 5x

10 pullups

10 push ups

10 box jumps 
Mobilize 15 minutes
A) 5 rounds(15 min cap)

20 cal Row+1 round of DT
B) 5 rounds(30 min Cap)

1 mile AB+1 round of heavy DT
C) class or 30 MU for time