Warm up:

Emom x 10 min: row 18/16 cal

Immediately into 10 min chill pace row

Mobilize 20+ minutes

Gymnastics weakness: highest priorities butterfly chest to bar, muscle up, and handstand push-up. 

A) guy girl pairs

21 synchro snatches 115/75

15 synchro snatches 135/95

9 synchro snatches 165/115

B) front squat 10 unbroken Front squats at BW. Rest 2 min hit a heavy single. 8 fs at BW. Rest 2 min hit heavy single. All the way down to 2+heavy single 

C) 5 min AMRAP

30 dubs+10 ttb

D) class


Warm up: row 2500 m w/3x150m sprints


Gymnastics weakness:* Option 1) Butterfly Chest to bar. Goal is to have 20 ub by regionals.

Option 2) Legless Rope Climbs… Goal is to be able to get 2-3+ every :90 by regionals.

Option 3) muscle ups. Goal is to PR your best set of ub by 2-3 by regionals.

*these numbers will take more than just trying harder. It will take refinement of techniques and getting stronger in certain areas. And it will take daily commitment.

A) 14.4 regional team event


21-15-9: 4-3-2

Thruster 135/95: Rope Climb

B) 6 minute AMRAP W/partner

100 m empty sled push*

Every 100 m add 45 lb plate. 

B.1) imme…

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Warm up

Tabata squat

Tabata push-up 

Tabata Free Standing HS Hold

Tabata pistol

Mobilize 20 minutes+

Gymnastics weakness 20 minutes+

A)2 deadlift+hang squat clean+jerk EMOM for 20 min

B) 1 k row + 35 hang power cleans 155/105 + 30′ hsw + 25 ghd

Rest 3 minutes

C) 1 k row + 35 kb swings 70/53 + 30′ hsw + 25 ghd

Rest 3 min

D)1 k row + 35 hspu + 30′ hsw + 25 ghd

E) max unbroken push-ups+ Rest 1 min x 3

F) class 


You should swim today. 

Get up early or go in late. But swim is the way to go.

Then do class if you feel like it. 

20 min chill assault bike then 20 sec all out 40 sec chill pace x 7 min

mobilize 20 min 

A) 6 x 2 btk hang snatch+1 ohs

A.1) 3 minutes max burpee MU 

B) 21-18-15-12 (guy girl teams)

Partner 1 does 21’s and 15’s. Partner 2 does 18’s and 12’s.



Cal row

C) weakness work(20 minutes minimum)

D) 75 wallballs for time

E) crossover symmetry