unbroken back squats at bw Men:

20-15-10-5 rest as needed between sets


14-11-7-4 rest as needed between sets
4×350 m row

Rest 1 min between intervals 


Power Elizabeth21-15-9

Power cleans 135/95 and Ring dips

B) Accumulate 3 min at the bottom of near perfect air squat.

C) accumulate 2 min at the bottom of near perfect front squat 45/35

D) accumulate 1 minute at bottom of near perfect ovhd squat 45/35 MAKE SURE SHOULDERS ARE EXTERNALLY ROTATED.


work up to a heavy squat clean+hang squat clean+jerk

For time: 50 air squat+50 alt pistol+50 wallballs+50 underhand grip deadlifts 165/115


Try to do this before class workout. Build to a 5rm, 3 rm, and 1 rm floor press.

Try to do this after class workout.

5×15 box jumps rest 1 minute between sets 40″/30″

5×15 toes to bar. Rest as needed between sets.


Find 1 rep max power snatch. Then do 80% for 6 more singles. No misses. If there is a miss go down to 70% and do 6 more singles.

7 min

Row 80 cal then max sets of 5 ring dips. Scale to 2-4 if 5 is not doable from the start. But don’t change midway through to allow for more reps.

200 dubs for time.