Work in class at some point. Preferably after all of this. Sub out class skill for building to a heavy snatch pull… Elbows high and outside and driving hard with the legs.

Warm Up

4 rounds 

1 mile chill assault bike

60′ bear crawl

10 cal SPRINT row

A) Synchronized AMANDA

One athlete will perform AMANDA in its traditional order

One athlete will perform AMANDA in the opposite order

Each rep must be synchronized

Athlete one performs first MU while Athlete two performs first snatch

Both must hit ext/lockout at the same time or rep does not count

B) Open Workout 14.4

C) 4 rounds NFT

5 back squats+10 deadlifts+15 box…

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Today is the last day I, Ben, will be around until next Wednesday when we get back from Miami. If you need something let me know. Otherwise see you in a week.

It’s on you guys to make sure your at the gym at least three days a week. Schedule it ahead of time and remember the sacrifice will be worth it.

Warm up

1 mile run+2 mile assault bike+1 mile run(this may be better with a partner)


A)btk hang power clean+btk hang squat clean 

1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1(just find a 1 rm. no starfishing)

B) 3 rope climbs+30 box jumps+30 kbs 53/35+100 dubs then 2-20-20-100, 1-10-10-100

C) class. This is actually the metcon with the highest priority. If you are in a crunch for tim…

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Warm up1 mile run+1k row

A) 10 min emom

4 box jumps 40/30 or higher

B) 10 min emom(right after box jump one)

1 legless+1 rope climb(no jumping)

Recover the remainder of minute doing shuttle runs. Two rope climbs can take no longer than :16/:20 on any round. If they do scale so they don’t.

C) 5×5 back squat

D) For time: 

150 squats 75 hip extensions 120 squats 60 hip extensions 90 squats 45 hip extensions

E) class. Can be done at anytime.


warm up: 3000 m row

10 strict pullups+10 planche push-ups+10 reverse hypers X 2

A) snatch balance+OHS+snatch balance+2 ohs

Build to heaviest possible

B) 2 rounds

25 pullups+25 GHD

2 rounds

20 ctb+20 GHD 

1 round 

15 bar mu+15 GHD 

C) class


Fit class in somewhere. Before or after no matter. Even in the middle. If you have an injury or need to modify something do it.

Warm Up

1 mile assault bike+400 m run x 1

Row 250+15 Wallballs 30/20 x 4

A) 20 min EMOM

1 clean or 1 snatch

Go up as you feel necessary.

You know the drill… Get as heavy 

as you can as fast as you can for

as long as you can.

B) 5×10 Strict hspu+10 strict ring 

pullups+10 barbell rows 155/105

C) 30 toes to bar+30′ HSW+
30 thrusters 45/35 x 3 rounds