World Class Starters…

(*Thoughts from Coach Ben. Just my thoughts as they came to me.)

Many of us are great at starting. We know what it is like to start a diet, a home improvement project, a New Year’s resolution, or a fitness program. Im not exactly why starting is so appealing. Maybe its because we see the end result in our mind and it just looks so good that we have to try. We have to redirect some of our energy to grasp that “thing” and have the satisfaction of accomplishment.

The unfortunate part is that, although most of us are world class starters, we are terrible finishers. The first bump in the road, shiny new object, or loss of interest and we bail. The ability to remind ourselves why we started is gone and we fall…

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Warm up: 8 min bike 


10 hip ext+10 ghd+3 min mobility
Tabata plyo push-up 

-narrow grip push up jumps up to a wide push up onto a 45 lb plate.
2 min mobility
Tabata deadlift 115/75
2 min mobility 
A) 5 min AMRAP

10 overhead squats 115/75

10 ttb 
B) 7 min AMRAP

10 UNBROKEN clean and jerks 115/75

10 UNBROKEN ctb 
C) 9 min AMRAP 

15 burpees box jumps

15 handstand push ups

1000 m row

21 body weight bench press

750 m row

15 body weight bench press

500 m row

9 body weight bench press
E) class


A)Bb club(not sure exactly what they did)
B) 3×750 row rest 2 min

C) push the bike on this. Don’t cruise to do well on the 15-10-5:    3 rounds: 1 mile assault +15 deficit hspu+10 push ups+5 burpees


Active recovery day.

2000 m chill row…. You shouldn’t even sweat. 2:05-2:15 per 500m for boys. 2:20-2:35 for girls


4 rounds-NOT FOR TIME

10 light band pull apart

10 kipping swings(if you have hand tears just do 10 more pull aparrs)

10 hip extensions 

40′ Samson stretch lunge 

10 arm circles

THEN: 1000m row same chill pace


For crying out loud; just rest. 

Six day training weeks are a bad habit.