Warm up

Tabata double unders 

Assault bike 3 miles then :20 sprint/:40 chill pace X 5

A) same as class workout from yesterday

Every 4 minutes for 6 rounds

20 box jump overs 24/20

20 hang PC 

20 deads

Rounds 1-2:135/95

Rounds 3-4:185/115

Rounds 5-6:205/135

If you are finishing past the 3:15 mark do not go up in weight.

B) 25 min to build to a heavy snatch+OHS 

C) class or 



6 rounds of:

Min 1: 12/10 Cal Ski Erg

Min 2: 15/12 Cal Assault Bike

Min 3: 18/15 Calorie Row

Min 4: 50 Double unders

Min 5: 200m Run

D) take as long as you…

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Tuesday Warm up

Tabata air squat

Tabata v up

Tabata pistol 

Tabata push press 45/35


A) 3 X 500m row+15 bench press 165/105+15 inverted rows+2 min rest

B) 3×1000 m row+25 GHD SU+2 min rest

C)1xRow 2k+100′ hs walk

D) class



Chill 5 k run/row would be awesome. 

Light work acceptable if you had a light day or two this week. PRing any lift, metcon, or cardio peace is not light.


I can say this until I’m blue in the face but, it won’t really matter… Anyone can do this volume but, that doesn’t mean you should. If you don’t get bodywork, high quality food, great supplements, and adequate sleep then you are doing more work for less gains. If your not sure what this means talk to me.

Take rest days.

Break up your training day in a way that works for you.

Warm up

10 burpees EMOM for 10 min

20 min mobility 

Work in 10 reverse hypers+10

GHD SU+10 ohs w/115 x 4

A) 27 cal Bike+21 Thrusters 95/65+15 clean and jerk 95/65+9 power snatch 95/65 X 3 rounds

B) find 3 rep btk hang full snatch

C) row 1k+20 muscle ups+…

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1250 m row then 20 sec all out/40 sec chill pace X 6

Mobilize prehab 

Metcon 1) t.u.p. From ..com 


P clean 135/95

Pull up 

Front squat 135/95

Pull up 

Rest as needed then 
People get 

In line unbroken muscle ups ascending +30 du 

So 1 mu + 30 du back in line 

2 mu etc…….when you break you are out 

Rest as needed 

30 min gymnastic walking and skill work 

Squat 6×3 
Margaux coaches 4pm 

Metcon 2 tbd

Accessory 25gh hip extensions + max strict chin ups + max free standing shoulder taps x4 rounds nft …

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