5 rounds nft 
A)5 strict press+4 pp+3pj+2 sj 

Max ring rows
B) 6 min AMRAP

Back and forth w partner

10 ghd

Plank hold


run 400 m+60′ HSW 

Row 500 m+60′ HSW 

Run 400 m+30′ HSW 

Row 500 m+30′ HSW 


if you missed Monday or Tuesday competition programming; do that today.

If not:

A) 1o00 m row+1000m run+100 dubs+20 muscle ups+100 dubs+1000 m run+1000m row

-keep all cardio elements well below redline. Breathe in through nose; out through the mouth.

B)5×5 box squat

Building each set 

C) 100 yard walking lunge. Carry something. Put it down no more than 3x.


recommend doing the comp training post class WOD.

A) 2 rounds

21 second hold+HSPU 

15 second hold+15 HSPU 

9 second hold+9 Deficit HSPU 12/8″

B) build to a heavy 

 1 power clean + 1 jerk + 1 front squat

Run 1 mile and hit 85% of your heaviest complex.


“You know Jason’s (Khalipa) secret. I will tell you. Jason lives in the 20 min Burpee EMOM’s.”
– Garrett Fisher

a) 60 min EMOM

Even: row 15/10 calories
Odd: 1 round of reverse Cindy*

If you start failing Cindy, cut push-ups in half. If it’s easy, add 1 rep to each movement every 5 minutes after the 20 minute mark. If you begin to fail the row skip rounds of Cindy until you get back on track. If you never get back on track keep rowing.

B) anything you like.

4:59 mile on the Assault bike.


A) 15 x Rolling 100m’s

For every meter you don’t get 100m exactly; add either 1 rep, 2 reps, or 3 reps for every meter.

First 5(+1 per meter)

10 box jump overs 30″

Second 5(+2 per meter)

10 toes to bar

Third 5(+3 per meter)

50 unbroken double unders



15 overhand no hook deadlift 245/165 + 20 yard broad jumps + 80 yard sprint + :30 rest + 400 m run + 1:30 rest