a) 3×1000 m at 2k pace. Active rest 50m walk+100m quick jog+50 m walk

b) Sots Press(front rack)                 5×5 climbing

C) filthy 30


knees to elbows for toes to jumping pull-ups for pull-ups                             35/25 KB swing for 53/35

(same as filthy 50, just 30 reps.)


A) underhanded Barbell Row
5×10(rest as necessary; but do 50 dubs during your rest)

B) pendlay row
3×3 (rest as necessary; but do 50 dubs during your rest)

C) 20 min EMOM
Even: strict Cindy odd: 15 burpees


A) 30 power snatch+hang power snatch complex for time


10 min cap

B) 30 power clean+hang power clean and jerks for time


10 min cap

C) 30 muscle up+ring dip for time

10 min cap

D) row 3k+1 mile run

:20 sec all out sprint on the rower every 2 min, 4 min, 6 min, 8 min, 10 min. 1 mile run should include a sprint finish for the last 200m.


A) 4 rounds not for time1 legless+2 rope climbs+3 muscle ups+10 unbroken strict pull-ups 
B) bench press 

Build To a 1rm

Then do 80% for 15 singles
C) split jerk

85% of your 1 rm clean every other minute for as long as possible. No more than 15 reps. If less than 5 successful lifts; restart at 75%.


A) 15-10-5

Cal row                                     

Deadlift 275/185

  • Transitions should be fast and deads unbroken.

Rest 10 min 

Cal Assault bike


  • Transitions should be fast and Hspu unbroken.

Rest 10 minutes
b) box squat 

C) 4x

sprint 50m+walk 50m+run 400m

Rest :30

Sprint 50 m+walk 50m+run 400m

Rest 2 minutes