Class skill and part A) are kinda redundant. If you are thinking which one is best go with the muscle snatch. Make class workout an additional conditioning piece. 
A) Muscle snatch: Work up to a 3 RM. Then 3 reps @ 95% 3RM, 3 reps @ 90% 3RM.
B) Snatch from the blocks (barbell At the knee): Work up to a 3 RM. Then 3 reps @ 95% 3RM, 3 reps @ 90% 3RM.
C) bent over rows: Work up to a 5 RM. Then 5 reps @ 95% 5 RM, 5 reps @ 90% 5 RM.

50 box jumps+1 min rest 

50 swings 70/53+1 min rest

35 box jumps+:30 rest

35 swings 70/53+:30 rest

20 box jumps+20 swings
Second session: 

Class metcon

Plus 400m sled drag 155/105 added to sled. Keep …

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Time to level up!

Ideally all this is done in a single session. The class work should be done after a long break that includes food and rest. 

A) warm up

Row 2k+5 rounds of Cindy

ACTUALLY DID 400 m sled drag+row 2k+4 Cindy w/strict pullups

B) build to a 5rm back squat. Then do a set at 95% and a set at 90%

ACTUALLY DID: 415×5, 395×5, 375×5

c)build to a 5rm push jerk. Then do a set at 95% and a set at 90%

ACTUALLY DID: 35, 45, 70 lb db’s x 5

D) 3 rounds:

1000m row + rest :30 + run 400 m rest 2 minutes

ACTUALLY DID: This as written. 22 minutes.

Second session:
Class skill+metcon

75 ghdsu 


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Stick to program. No PRing today on you CJ or S.

A) Snatch:7 rounds

–Every 90 seconds, complete:
1 full snatch@90%ish of 1rm
B) Clean and jerk: 
7 rounds Every 2 minutes

1 clean and jerk @90%ish

C) 12 minutes Front squat Work up to a 3 RM
D) 15-25-35-45

Cal Assault bike

Supine toes to bar

Run 200m


Do comp programming you missed earlier this week. If you have missed no class workouts and no comp training, good news; rest today. 

If you are terrible at resting, you believe more is always better and have probably developed a major weakness. Rest today so you can attack this weakness harder tomorrow.


A) 3×5 back squat

All weights should be the same. If you finish and felt like you should have lifted more. Load up more and do it again.

B) 20 min EMOM 

Even-cal row 20/16

Odd-muscle up 5/3 

C) 3 rounds

20 pull-ups 


40 wallballs

Rest 3 min