A)Bb club(not sure exactly what they did)
B) 3×750 row rest 2 min

C) push the bike on this. Don’t cruise to do well on the 15-10-5:    3 rounds: 1 mile assault +15 deficit hspu+10 push ups+5 burpees


Active recovery day.

2000 m chill row…. You shouldn’t even sweat. 2:05-2:15 per 500m for boys. 2:20-2:35 for girls


4 rounds-NOT FOR TIME

10 light band pull apart

10 kipping swings(if you have hand tears just do 10 more pull aparrs)

10 hip extensions 

40′ Samson stretch lunge 

10 arm circles

THEN: 1000m row same chill pace


For crying out loud; just rest. 

Six day training weeks are a bad habit.


Warm up: athletes choice strict chin ups and reverse hypers

5 min of mobility

A) run 2 miles every 3 minutes 20 walking lunges. Use the longest lunge possible for these. Step in the direction you are running.

B) 10 min mobility

C) partner Iron Mile

1 mile yoke carry 315/225 w 3 burpees over the yoke each as a penalty for switches and drops.

D) 5 min mobility(loosen up those hips)

E) 10 min emom

Even) 2 power cleans 225/155+2 muscle ups

Odd) 2(or more) power cleans+2(or more) muscle ups

Score is total Power cleans+total muscle ups. Minimum work is 2 of each every minute. If you don’t get that, your score for that round is zero 🙁


Warm up

:30 on/:30 off X 5 rounds: bear crawl

:30 on/:30 off X 5 rounds: double under

:30 on/:30 off X 5 rounds: walking lunge

Mobilize: 15 minutes

A) 10-20-30…. As far as you can in 20 minutes. 

Cal row and KB swing 53/35

Rest 10 min

B) 10-20-30…. As far as you can in 16 minutes. 

Cal bike and power snatch 75/55

Rest 10 min

C) 10-20-30…. As far as you can in 12 minutes. 
Burpee to a target and sdhp 115/75

D) 30 rope climbs no jumping, every 5th legless.

E) class