Comp for some. Training for others.

If your training make up something, or follow something else. But for your own sake, hammer your weaknesses. Incorporate weaknesses into its own work, coupled with a strength, in a Metcon, or all three.

Sunday. I advise rest. Especially if you did the comp but, also because the format for comp training will change next week.


Warm up:

12 minute chill run


A) 4rounds 

run 400 m+50′ hsw

Rest 1 min between rounds

B) run 1200 m+15 bar MU+15 ohs 205/135

C) 12 min emom

Even: 20 wallballs 20/14

Odd: 5 bench press 

D) class… But if you do that skip the skill if you did C.


Warm up: 10 min of athletes choice.


A) class

B) 5 rounds

200 m run

15 box jumps 24/20

15 shoulder to ovhd 115/75

C) 1 power clean every :90 for 15 min


Warm up:

5 x 3 min shuttle run+1 legless+10 ghr


A) every 4 min for 20 min

20 cal row 

15 burpees

4 squat snatch 

190/120 210/130 230/150 250/160

If you fail to make a round at a specific weight, stay there for the next round or move down. If you are scared of the first weight another option is to scale row to 16 cal… Good option for ladies(and Jay)

B) yes mu two days in a row.

45 pullups+30 hspu+15 muscle ups+30 hspu+45 pullups 

C) class or weqkness


Warm up: 1500 m row plus + :10 sprint/:20 very chill x 5
A) class
B) 3×5 front squat no belt/lifters/sleeves

Same weight across. Heavy as possible.
C) 30-20-10



9/5 Muscle up 

D) 3 x 10 strict pullups