Warm up: 15 minute chill bike ride. 17-20 mph. Then 5 min of :20 fast :40 slow


If you do barbell club that’s great. Sub out parts a and c for that.

A) 7×3 pause back squat. Use the same weight across all sets. No misses. 
B) 300 dubs+3000m row+3 mile run

C) 1 power snatch every emom

Start at 135/85… Go up 10 lbs/5lbs each minute until failure. Once you fail go back down in same weight increments as fast as you can. Rest 3 minutes and start over.


I recommend that this be done in two sessions. At least take some solid recovery time between workouts. If you are going back to back pull out c or d. The heat will take a lot out of us and so will these workouts.

Warm up

100 dubs+5 min of 30 EMOM w singles remaining min


A) 15 min amrap*

21 deads 

15 sdhp 

9 thrusters

Every 3 min 12/9 cal a bike (not at the start)
B) 10-8-6-4-2*

Overhead squat

After every set 100 yard sled push+200m
C) 100 ttb for time. Start with a set of 30/20. If you can’t do 30/20 then start w a max effort set. Rest :30 do one more set. Rest :60 and do your final set. Record total reps.<…

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Warm up: athletes choice


A) class

B) 5×10 db strict press

C) 10 min of weakness.

That is it for today. Small back off in volume. No back off in intensity. Earn your full intra-shake w what is written.


Warm up:

10 kb swings 70/53* emom X 10 

*start lighter if need be. 


A) 3x: row 750 m+5 squat snatches 205/135+3 legless rope climbs+:90 rest

B) 4 min Amrap+2 min rest X 3 rounds

100 dubs+20 weighted hip ext 45/35*+max box jumps 24/20

*barbell behind the neck

C) 8×2 squat cleans(drop in between)


Rolling 150’s X 7

1 round of Cindy. Every +/- 1 m is +3 box jumps.


A) 24 minute EMOM 

Even: 1 power clean

Odd: 1 power snatch

B) 400 m run+3 bar MU+15 ring dips rest :90 X 3 rounds

C)every 4 min for 12 min

3 rounds

15 thrusters+15 pullups. 

If you do not finish your 3 rounds under the 4 min you do not move on to next 4 min clock. Workout is over. Also if you finish you do not start early.