warm up: extended version… as this as a cardio component designed to build aerobic capacity.

4×3 sets of Cindy+45/35 cal row

A. 2 power snatch+2 squat snatch+2 ovhd squats

build to heavy complex

B. 5×3 snatch grip deadlifts at 100-105% of 1 rm

C. Class

do IMBUILD if you have time


warm up:

7 sets of rolling 150m’s

hit 150m’s do 2 (muscle up+dip) for every m over or under do one additional muscle up+dip.

A. Class

B. 100 wallballs+80 alternating Db snatch 50/35+60’ hsw+40 db power cleans+20 bar muscle ups


warm up: 10 min steady stat assault bike

A. Back Squat


unbroken reps.

5/3 muscle ups for pretty after each set

B. Class

C. 150 hollow rocks


Warm up:

A. 4 rounds

Row 500 m

Run 400 m

Row 250 m

Run 200 m

Rest 2 min

B. Class metcon

C. One piece of weakness strength with perfect technique


Warm up:

Athlete choice

A. 20 min cap

2100 m row

12 rope climbs

21 squat snatch 155/105

B. Class