warm up: athletes choice

A. 7 mile assault bike for time

B. Class

C. IMBuild


Warm up: 2 x 60 dubs+10 r arm r leg split jerks+10 l arm left leg split jerks

A. 9-15-21-27

DB hang clean and jerk 50/35*

GHD Sit-ups

Cal ski

Right at completion; 1 mile assault bike

Your time is the total of the triplet+1 mile bike

*switch every 3

B. Class

C. Strength of any kind


Make up any missed work.

15 minutes of weakness

and this key piece of aerobic work

5 rounds

1000 m row

rest 3 min


Warm up: 7 rounds of Cindy then run 800 m

A. Partner

100 cal ski

100 burpees

50 bar muscle ups

100 burpees

100 ski

B. Class skill

C. IMBuild

Bonus: every 5 min x 15 min 1 mile bike



Warm up: athletes choice

A. 30 min emom

First 15 min: 1 burpee mu+1 Snatch

Second 15 min: 1 burpee mu+1 clean and jerk

Start at 135/95 and build in weight whenever possible

B. Class(components)

Ghd sit-ups

Ski erg

Goblet squat

burpee box jump overs

C. Weakness or

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