Week of 06172019

2 weeks out. Less volume. More intensity.

3 workouts geared towards making you better. Use them whenever you like throughout the week. This isn’t all you should do but a good start. Not listed is lifting/strength work. Strength work should be focused to sharpening technique. Weights can be heavy but lifts should not be sloppy.

1. 4×3 min AMRAP/2 min rest

20/15 cal bike+75 dubs+max muscle ups

2. 2 rounds

400 m air runner

800 m run

9 ub squat snatch 135/95

7 ub clusters 135/95

5 ub clean and jerks

3. 8 minutes*

4 minutes

max legless rope climbs

4 min max

box jump overs 30/24”

*At 0, 2, 4, and 6 min mark 60’ hsw…

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Warm Up:

5 min Air Runner :20 Fast/:40 walk

5 min 20 Double Under/single under remainder of the minute

A. Teams of Four Athletes

1400 m run and 100 cal bike

100 synchro wallballs M/F Pairs (athletes can rotate as they see fit)

30 synchro clean and jerks 225/155 M/F Pairs*

*rotate in as needed. The non-working M/F pair is farmer holding KB’s(70/53)

B. Partners (class) 25 min AMRAP

50 Renegade Rows 50/35’s

50 Hollow Rocks

50 Step Back Lunge 50/35’s

50 Hollow Rocks

50 Cal Row

C. 5 Rounds for Max Reps

Bench Press 205/135



Warm up: 


Row synchro calories 

Synchro thrusters 45/35

A. Class

B. Same sex pairs

21-15-9 synchro burpee box jumps 24/20

12/7-9/5-6/3 synchro ring muscle up

C. Front Squat

3×3 same weight across

Then 100 Russian KB swings 70/53 in as few sets as possible.

D. 10 round for quality 

5 Strict toes to bar w/:02-:03 lower

10 hip extensions 


warm up: athletes choice

A. In place of class w a partner

72 synchro ttb
Hsw 200’(switch every 20’)
64 back Squats 225/155
Hsw 200’(switch every 20’)
56 burpee box jump overs(switch every 8)

B. Practice legless rope climbs and atlas stones

C. Weakness


Your shoulders will take a beating. NO COMPROMISING ON USING GOOD FORM!

warm up:

with partner 2500m row (alternating back and forth every 250 m)+30/20 muscle ups alternating every 1-4 reps.


15 unbroken shoulder to ovhd 165/115(synchro if partners/same for all sets)

:30 ovhd hold 165/115(1 min hold shared however if partners/same for all sets)

Run 200 m at whatever speed needed to go right back to the Barbell…( both partners)

10 unbroken shoulder to ovhd 165/115

:30 ovhd hold 165/115(no hol

Run 200 m at whatever speed needed to go right back to the barbell

5 unbroken shoulder to ovhd 165/115

:30 ovhd hold 165/115

B. Class

C. IM…

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