Warm up: 4 rounds Reverse Cindy+800 m run or equivalent 



Row 2500 m for time

Rest 3 minutes



Squat clean 225/155

10/5 Strict hspu

B. Class(skip if your short on time or banged up)

C. IM30 or Weakness work


Warm up: 5x

30 dubs

10 wallballs 30/20


A. 10 min hard cap

15 snatch 75/55

5 muscle ups

12 snatch 95/65

4 muscle ups

9 snatch 135/95

3 muscle ups

6 snatch 185/125

2 muscle ups

3 snatch 205/135

1 snatch

Rest 3 min

10 min cap 

Reverse order from your last made snatch round.

B. Class workout

C. Lunges from class*

Don’t do these alternating. Do these in sets of 12 on each side. Control your cadence and try to move as clean as possible.


warm up: nose breathing

10 right arm Db thrusters

10 left arm Db thrusters

2 mile bike

15 right arm Db thrusters

15 left arm Db thrusters

row 1k

A. Split Jerk to max

B. Class

C. 4 Rounds with a partner (or cut reps in half)
20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30″/24″)
200m Farmers Carry 88’s/70’s*
200m Sled Drag heavy*

*Do the farmer and sled drag at the same time. Switch when necessary. If solo do 100m of each per round. Switch frequently and don’t injure your hands


warm up:

5 rounds of Cindy

30 sit-ups

30 hip ext

5 rounds of Cindy


A. 3 tempo(2 sec decent) every 3 minutes x 15 min

12/8 butterfly chest to bar after each set

B. The part no one wants to do…

4 rounds

500 m row-Easy(establish a true recovery pace)

500 m row-Tempo(sustainable fast/same across all rounds)

C. Class

D. Weakness or nothing


Warm up: tabata wallballs/squats

A. 3 rounds

Every 8 minutes row 1000 m

With remainder of the 8 min build to 3 rm power clean and jerk 

Or IM30

B. Class 30 min cap with a partner 

4 rounds 

50/40 cal row

30 clean and jerks

30 thrusters 

R1: 135/95

R2: 185/125

R3: 205/135

R4: 225/155

C. Weakness x 15 minutes