Warm up: run for 7 minutes


10 rounds for consistency(trying to get the same)

:30 assault bike*

2:30 Full rest

*dont let bike free spin for additional calories. Bring it to a stop within a few seconds.

B. Running Diane

C. 5 rounds of unbroken reps

(rest as needed to get this done)

20 ghd sit-ups

16/12 push-ups 

12 d ball squats 100/70 (bear hug)*

*sounds weird to some of you but I think this portion should be done barefoot. Let your feet relax into natural positions more and build areas of the foot and ankle that you can’t do as easily in shoes.


Warm up:

4 rounds row 500 m+10 burpees+20’ banded side walk


2 rounds

(scores on the each piece for round 1 and 2 should be as close as possible)

10 min clock

20/15 cal bike

8 right arm kb snatch 70/53

8 burpee box jumps 24/20

8 left arm kb snatch 70/53

Rest 2 min

75 wallballs 30/20 to 10/9

Rest 4 min


B. Class

C. 4 rounds not for time

:15 weighted hip extension hold AHAP+:15 hip ext hold+10 hip extensions

4 sumo deadlifts w/3 sec lower


warm up: athlete choice

A. Class(IM60. IM30 also if it doesn’t interfere with B/C)

B. 30 min Max Cal Assault bike

ladies target 55+ rpm

mens target 60+ rpm

C. Gymnastics movement

100 reps if low skill.

75 reps if moderate skill

50 reps if high skill



warm up: 5 min bike + 3-5 minutes of hip circle drills and shoulder mobility

A. Every 2 min for 16 minutes

3 snatch lift offs+1 snatch+1 hang snatch+1 ovhd Squat


2 minutes max hsw in 20’ increments

Right into 2 min max bar mu

C. Class workout

D. 20 min max cal bike

Minimum target: 250/200


do some sort of true cardio piece today. Runs 5k, bike 10 k or Assault bike 10 miles.

then do IM60 and IMBuild.

Everything else is up to you.