Wednesday August 19,2015

4 X 50 yard
Snatch grip overhead carry

Increase in weight. But don’t fail. Constant upward pressure and an unbroken carry are far more important than a messy overhead carry that is broken up because it’s to heavy.

12 min AMRAP
2 bar mu*
4 Hspu
8 box jumps 24/20

*scale to jumping bar mu if possible. If not 6 pull-ups+6 narrow grip push-ups is a good scale for the 2 bar mu.

Friday May 22,2015


21 back squats in as few sets as possible. Use 80% of 1rm and up to 25 additional pounds


4 rounds

:40/1 min row

:40/1 min wallball

:40/1 min ring row

:40/1 min KB swing 70/53

1 min REST

:40/1min means work for first :40 sec of each minute. Basically :40 work then :20 to rest and transition.


Competitors… I understand not everyone has unlimited time. But part of being a competitor is going 100% in each section of the workout. This is especially important in the class workouts! This is more vital than the competitor programming! Intensity brings results to a competitor. 5 minutes rest between Class and Comp WODs isn’t necessarily bad, but it definitely is if your hitting class at 85%.


3 rounds

30 cal assault bike

20 Hspu 

10 muscle ups

20 Hspu 

30 cal assault bike

Rest 3 min


Front squat


All sets at the same heavy weight.

Thursday May 21,2015


1 hang squat snatch+2 overhead squats



Push jerk 135/95

Bar facing burpees

SDHP 70/50


A)20 min clock

Emom 10 minutes

1 power snatch

Emom 10 minutes

1 squat snatch

B) every 4 minutes for 20 minutes

20 alt db snatches-you choose weight.                                           (take 1 min or less)

200 m run.                                              (Take 1 minute or less)

Bike or row the remainder of each 4 minute interval at a recovery pace. You’ll find that if your recovery pace is actually a working pace you will not keep db snatch…

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