Warm up:

12 min circuit

4 barbell front squats

8 barbell back squats

12 shoulder taps

32/24 cal row

A. Class

B. 3 position power snatch(floor/mid thigh/pocket)

5 sets

C. 3 sets of 15 back squats

set 1: moderate

set 2: tough

set 3: near impossible

Rest as needed between sets. Belt and sleeves encouraged.

Monday May 11, 2020

GET AFTER IT TODAY! It’s a new week, just move! Even if it’s 10 minutes, you’ll feel better when you do something!

Also keep in mind Murph is just two weeks away! We are going to have four preparatory workouts for you between now and then as bonus work! These won’t be the regular daily workout but they will be great for those of you who are looking to do extra work or double days.

Murph Prep Workout #1 will be released tomorrow on the Iron Mile Family FB Group.

RSVP for a class HERE

30 min 🕰 

0-12 min

3 front squats from the floor every …

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A. Class(prioritize running)

B. Squat clean

6×2(singles/no misses)

If you have time build up to a good weight and do all 6 sets there.


50 straight arm lat pull downs

50 lat pull downs


50 ghd situps

2 min side plank switch every :30 seconds

25 ghd sit-ups

2 min side plank switch every :30

Friday May 8, 2020

10 Min EMOM
Pick a double under number and hit it each minute

or :40 practice :20 rest


1.5 mile run
4 mile bike
3000m row

Max sets of 7 pullups in remaining time
T1: pullups
T2: c2b
T3: 5/3 bar MUs

or Non-equipment do max reps of any 7 pulling movements or if you have access use db’s, KB, or loaded barbell to do 7 unbroken reps.

Thursday May 7, 2020

GET AFTER IT TODAY! It is okay to be a little bummed about where your fitness is at but remember; just move! Even if it’s 10 minutes, you’ll feel better when you do something!

If you want rsvp for a class HERE

Today’s workout can be done, if need be with very little equipment. For the DB snatches you may need to get creative to make it work. If you can’t get creative I recommend using a weighted backpack and making it a two armed movement. Wallballs can be scaled to air squats or some form of loaded squat very easily. Everything else is bodyweight.

30:00 clock

0 – 10
1) DB Snatches (50/35)
2) Bear crawl 48’

10 – 20
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