Saturday April 20, 2019

Today you have a chance to get in lots of fitness before going out and enjoying your day!

9 am OPEN GYM(use this time for extended warm up, mobility, and GAINZ!)

930 am: IM30 (take a dedicated 30 minutes and condition your butt off… but not TOO off 😜)

10 am: IM60 (the ultimate workout. Mixed modality workout to challenge every system in your body, create new levels of fitness, and engage with friends and family)


Workout first and then functional body building/core post.

(The goal is try to get close to the same score the both times. This means effort should be sustainable/repeatable. 80%ish… most will go out way to hard. But then the pitfall is going too slow.)

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warm up: 5 min bike + 3-5 minutes of hip circle drills and shoulder mobility

A. Every 2 min for 16 minutes

3 snatch lift offs+1 snatch+1 hang snatch+1 ovhd Squat


2 minutes max hsw in 20’ increments

Right into 2 min max bar mu

C. Class workout

D. 20 min max cal bike

Minimum target: 250/200

Friday April 19, 2019

Friday y’all!
Skill: Pistol/single leg squats(glutes/quads)*

3-5 sets of 10-15 reps per side

This movement can be difficult for many people due to lack of practice, strength, or mobility. To get better we will practice single leg squats to a high and/or low box with a SLOWWW(3 sec) lower, band assisted, and counter balancing with weight in arms. If you do these right you’ll feel them right in the glutes tomorrow and the next day.

Workout: Teams of 3
21 minute clock
12 touch n go cleans 115/75
9 box jump overs 24/20
6 ring rows
(1 athlete completes a full round while the other 2 rest. Continue in this manner until each person has completed 3 rounds)

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Thursday April 18, 2019

Intensity is everything and… nothing.

IM60 today is going to be a longer sustained effort and designed to not be a max effort grinder. A chance to burn calories, strengthen your body, and move well.

IM30 on the other hand is a full sweat session and will get your heart rate up and moving!


Skill/Workout: 40 minutes 

•200 m run/250 m row/120 single unders

•10 bench press (135/75)/15 dumbbell deadlifts (50’s/35’s)/20 single arm(10/10) russian kb swings 53/35

In this workout there will be no exact scoring. Work back and forth on a different cardio piece and lift each round. Intent is to move well at all loads and movemen…

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Wednesday April 17, 2019


Skill: Jerk Balance+Split Jerk

Every :90 for 15 minutes 

Workout: 7 rounds

100 m run

15 v-ups

3 push jerks 165/115


Every 5 min for 20 min 

500 m row 

10 man makers

AMRAP burpee


Tabata hollow hold 

Tabata Superman


1 min Puppy dog

1 min downward dog

2 min half …

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