Warm up: 3 sets

2:00 row

20’ banded side walk R

20’ banded side walk L

15 banded squats

10 scap hspu

A. 2 rounds(rest 5 min between rounds)

75 wallballs* 20/14 @10/9’

50 medball lunges 20/14

25 front squats 115/75

B. Class


Tuesday October 15, 2019

A LOT OF YOU… have mentioned getting stronger. We now have two “floating” Strength workouts that you can do at any point during the week! It was designed by our new powerlifting coach; Jamie Tsuji. Better yet she is going to hanging out at the gym this evening if you want to ask any questions. Both workouts are listed below today’s workouts so you can do them whenever is convenient for you. If you do them during a regular class time, coaches will be around to ask questions and coach you as usual.

4 sets each side
10 one arm DB row each side
:30 overhand barbell curls immediately after each set

Workout: 14 min amrap
10 hang power clean and jerk 135/95
20 cal…

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Warm up/Aerobic capacity:

4x Tabata Assault Bike

2 min rest

A. Snatch


B. 5 rounds

2 minutes on+2 min off

15 box jumps 24/20+10 toes to bar+MAX MU

C. Class

Monday October 14, 2019

Deadlift with pause at knee
5 sets of 8


DB squats 50’s/35’s
Burpees over DB


Warm up:
8 min assault bike; first 3 min steady then last 5 minutes :10 sprint/:50 chill

3 rounds of mod

A. 20.1

B. 4 sets
Tabata Assault bike

Rest 2 minutes between sets

C. 2 sets
3 rounds
12 dball over the shoulder 100/70
60’ hsw

Rest 5 minutes between sets