Wednesday December 11, 2019

Wednesday is a great day to get a little crazy. If you happen to be around late in the evening for a 6 pm class, then sticking around for a 7 pm IM30 is a great way to get in a little extra work.


Skill/strength: Bench Press

Take 15 minutes and build to a 5 rep max. If you find it early do sets at +/- 80% to use up the clock

Skill/Strength 2: 6 min clock

0-2 min: max side plank

2-4 min: max other side plank

4-6 min: p…

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This is for Tuesday

warm up: 10 minute steady amrap

10 db lateral raises+10 db rows+10/10 Bulgarian split squat

A. Class

B. 4 rounds

Row 1k

30 db box step overs 24/20 w 35/25’s

10 chest to bar

Rest 3 min

Tuesday December 10, 2019


Skill/Strength: every :90 x 12 minutes

Jerk Balance+split jerk

Workout: 16 min AMRAP

80 push ups (5 min cap)

60 sit-ups 

40 ring rows

20 clean and jerks 135/95


14 min amrap

14 alternating kB swings

14 kB deadlifts


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Warm up: 4 rounds

200 m ski moderate+200 m ski fast

no break between rounds

A. 2×7 min AMRAP


strict hspu/strict hspu with mat(s)

toes to bar

-Rest 5 min between amraps

B. 4 rounds

100’ hsw

40 kB snatches 70/53

C. Class

Monday December 9, 2019

Sometimes we forget that improvement is a journey and better is a process. We look at an end goal and see ourselves far from it so we beat ourselves down. This week focus on getting 1% better and don’t worry about the rest.



Hang Snatch+overhead squat



Kettlebell swing 70/53

Box jump over 24/20

*every minute on the minute 10 air squats