warm up: athlete choice

A. Class


5 rounds

10 bench press 205/135

Row 300 m

C. Weakness(not midline)


Friday May 24, 2019

Memorial Day: 11 am at both locations

get your kids and friends registered for youth camp!


Friday Fun Day 25 min cap
200 m R arm Ovhd+L arm Farmer
200 m L arm Ovh+L arm Farmer
50 Cal Assault Bike
50 Synchro Air Squats
50 Double KB Russian Swings
50 Synchro Air Squats
50 Over Your Partner Burpees

53/35’s for KB’s

Thursday May 23, 2019


Skill: Shoulders
4 sets of 3 Floor press
3 sets of 12 DB Press w
Glute Bridge up
3 sets of 12 Arnold presses

15 Min EMOM
Min 1: Row 18/12 Cal
Min 2: 10 V-ups+20 Grasshoppers
Min 3: 5 Burpees+Max V-ups

score is just the v-ups


15 Min EMOM
Min 1: Row 12/9 Cal or more
Min 2: 10 V-ups+20 Grasshoppers
Min 3: 5 Burpees+Max V-ups


2 min prone hamstring stretch each side

2 min pigeon each side

2 min downward dog

2 min planche seal

2 sets of 10 scap pull-ups and 10 scap push ups


Warm up: 3 rounds

6 dball to shoulder 100/70

60’ bear hug

10 scap pull-ups

10 scap push ups


A. 5 rounds(22 min cap)

3 min EMOM 

4 (power clean + squat clean)






EMOM is 15 double unders+single unders the remainder of the minute.

So round 1 is a 3 min emom of 15 dubs each minute and single unders with the rest of each of the three minutes. Then after the 3 minute emom move to the first 4(power clean+squat clean) at 165/115. When finished move back to your jump rope for another 3 minute emom of 15 dubs and single unders. After 3 minu…

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Wednesday May 22, 2019

This coming Monday is Memorial Day and like you may have already suspected there is only one workout at each gym; 11 am. We will be doing MURPH. There will be scaled and non-running versions for those who would prefer that. EVERYONE SHOULD COME! All visitors are welcome at no cost so invite someone.  Every year on social media we se many athletes and even Hollywood notables who participate.

Today is WEDNESDAY and that means we are dead center in the middle of the week. Keep pushing. Make smart decisions with your food and training. It really isn’t the big things that we do every great once in awhile that make us great; its the little things we do every single day.

Remember, the way you do one thing is the way you d…

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