Thursday October 21, 2021

Warm Up

Coaches choice


4 sets 1 min Double KB Front rack March or DB Box Step Ups.

Don’t set KBs on shoulders but in the bend of the elbow.


run 550m (3 laps) or 1 mile bike


Run 550m (3 laps) or 1 mile bike

T1: modify as needed

T2: as written

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Wednesday October 20, 2021


3 rounds
:10 hang
:10 pull up hold
10 kip swings
10 Arm circles
10 Leg Swings
10 Samson lunges

Strength/skill:12 min

Rope Climbs+Dual KB Bent Over Rows

Practice the skill. If the skill is there get in up to 10-15 rope climbs. Mix in 3-4 sets of 10 Rows.


In any order/partitioned any way
150’ weighted bear crawl and/or HSW

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Tuesday October 19, 2021

Warm Up

3 rounds
50’ duck walk
10 PVC pass through/figure eights
15 squats (5 narrow/5 normal/5 wide)
20 plate jumps


20 min EMOM
1 snatch


3 min row or ski for calories
2 min shoulder to overhead 95/65
1 min burpees over the bar

Score is total calories …

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Monday October 18, 2021

Commitment is rare these days. Commit to your health and let our coaching staff help you move and feel better.

Warm Up

7 min flow

10 alt bird dogs

10 glute bridge ups

10 Cossack squat

10 KB goblet squats

10 KB dimmel deadlifts

Lat stretch, tricep pull or other mob for 2-3 min

Strength: every :90×12 min

Front Squat…

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Friday October 15, 2021

Warm Up

2 min any machine

-Into 2 rounds

10 arm circles each direction

:30 lat pull each side

:30 squat stretch


2 min any machine

-Into 2 rounds

10 PVC pass through

10 pvc ovhd squats

5 snatch balance

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